We Want Nine

I’ve thought a lot about this year’s Kentucky team since the win over Florida yesterday. The historic nature of what they accomplished this season is amazing. It will probably be a long time before we see this happen again…

This team has been one of my favorite UK teams ever. The way they approach games, play games, and win games has been nothing short of impressive. They have blown out traditional powers and have gone to overtime with mid to low level SEC teams. They have played defense better than any team I’ve ever seen and have offensive weapons that just keep coming.

They also graduate in three years (Alex Poythress), go visit patients in the hospital (Harrison Twins), and give their game shoes to fans in wheel chairs (Karl Anthony-Towns). They get home from winning their 30th straight game at 2am in the morning and are walking to class in the rain at 9am that same morning.

They represent the University, the Commonwealth, and the fans at the highest level possible. They are a mix of seasoned players and freshmen that have put aside ego to become a team.

The next few weeks will tell us whether this is truly the greatest college basketball team that has ever played. If they finish this run, 40/40, they will indeed be that… But, folks, regardless of whether they do or not, this is truly one of the best UK teams we’ve ever seen, they are an absolute joy to watch, and I for one will watch their final game with mixed emotions. It will be a bittersweet end to a fantastic season.

Go Big Blue!!!

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