Your Birthday!

Michael, Dude, its your Birthday!  On Saturday, November 28, 2015 you entered the world to two happy parents! Let me tell you, it was quite the adventure.  Your Mom began the birthing process around 2:45am on the 28th.  Amy, our Doola, arrived around 7:30 that morning and your Mom continuing to breath trough the birthing surges throughout the morning while I worked on finishing packing our bags.

We decided to head to the hospital around 11:30 and was settled in a birthing room by 1pm.  That’s when the fun really started. So, surges kept getting more intense.  Exams showed progress and your Mom breathed through the surges like a champ.  Amy and I held her hand, breathed with her, and Amy talked her through the worst parts.  This progressed well into the night.  Around midnight we began to consider an epidural because your Mom, though fighting like a champ, needed a break for her body. She was progressing (over 8cm) and having intense surges  By around 1am on your birthday, the epidural was in and your Mom was doing better.  In a couple of hours the three of us were given time to rest, your Mom especially.  I, like you’ll see, fell right to sleep and apparently missed multiple exams, water breaking, etc.

I awoke around 6am to a flurry of activity.  The doctor and lots of other folks were in the room.  You were in a bit of distress and it was decided that a C-section was needed.  Your Mom was rolled into surgery and your Dad, while crying was pulled into a room to get suited up in scrubs and a mask.  I was crying because I was scarred… Michael, always remember, crying is a show of strength.  It is far better to show emotion than keep it bottled up…. Strong folks are not afraid of emotion. By 6:35 you were out!  I held your Mother’s head and talked to her while the doctors worked their magic.

I got to go with you (see the great pic) NT and MBDTto watch you be checked out while your Mom was stitched up.  I then got to bring you to your Mom for the first time! It was awesome, we both cried. seeing mom I then hung out with you in the nursery and got to hear your height and weight (8.9lb and 20″) and then rejoined your Mom. We had to wait awhile to see you again.  Your Mom was being prepped and finished post-surgery.  We were finally wheeled into our room and your joined us.  Your Grammy and Aunt Sarah were waiting on us and were so excited.  Your Mamaw, Papaw, and Aunt Erin later in the day and could not get enough of you.  Your Aunt Summer visited in the evening (she was with your cousins) and watched you for a long time so your Mom could sleep while I went home to shower and rest.  She also taught me to change diapers!

Your Mom and I teamed up to throughout the night to feed you, change you, and watch over you. Now its day two and you are doing amazing!!  November 28th, one great day! More updates to come!

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