Michael Benjamin Davies-Thompson


I married your Mom on December 13, 2014 after an incredible year of romance, friendship, and becoming partners.  It was one of the best days of my life.  She has been a part of many of my best days ever and now, so have you… On March 28, 2015 she told me that you were on your way into our lives.  Approaching forty, I wasn’t sure if I would have kids despite wanting them so much.  The news that you were on the way changed my life forever.

Then on April 29, 2015 I heard your heartbeat for the first time.  My God Michael, I hope you get to experience that someday… I can’t explain it. I can’t possibly describe how wonderful that sound was and how my life changed even more….

Yesterday, May 14, 2015 we found out that you were Michael Benjamin.  I’m going to be a Dad to a son.  I have a great Dad, your Grandfather, Rick Thompson as a fantastic model… You’ll love him.  Now we await more important dates in your life…. Looking so forward to the day I get to see you!


Your Dad

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