Coming soon!!


As I have said in my previous notes to you, dates are important.  As we get closer to your arrival I went back to my previous writings to remind myself of the excitement of the last few months.  I remember clearly the day your Mother telling me you were on your way.  I remember the day that we saw you through your ultrasound and heard your heartbeat for the first time.  I went back and looked at the text with your Mamaw the day I felt you kick for the first time.  It was August 16th.

You are due on November 30th.  I would be lying if I said that I was not scared.  As you will learn the prospect of being a parent is scary, from what I hear actually being a parent is terrifying.  What I can tell you is that being your Dad makes me not even care about the fear.  The fear comes from protecting you, taking care of you, supporting you, and helping you… I love you and I want to do everything right and in your best interest. I hope you have the opportunity to experience the great excitement and great fear I am experiencing right now.

Your Mom and I are working hard to get ready for you being here… Family and friends are excited, throwing baby showers and asking endlessly how you are doing.

Dates are important Michael, and right now none more than the day you will arrive.


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