Two Months!!

Well dude you are almost two and a half months old… Wow, what an amazing, wild, exhausting and absolutely wonderful few months. First, you need to know that you mother is amazing!  She has cared for you hour after hour, feeding you, soothing you, engaging your mind with play, and loving you.  She is an amazing woman.  Her maternity leave time with you is ending and she is sad.  Please know how much she loves you and how she always wants the best for you.

Your Dad has helped every chance he has… I’ve tried to give your Mom breaks and spend as much time with you as I can… I’ve had to work a lot, something you’ll understand later.  Listen to me Michael, work hard, save money and don’t go into debt. Life is to short to spend it at work all the time.  I regret decisions I’ve made that have made it necessary to work so hard and miss time with you.

Its amazing how you are growing! You can see it in the picture for this post.  You are smiling regularly and let me tell you, its freakin awesome!  You have the best smile.  I hope you have more smiles than frowns in your life.  I hope I get to hear you laugh soon.

I will try to keep posting pictures and thoughts here as you grow.  There will be a day that I will want to look back and remember when you were this small and needed us so much.  When you were snugly and wanted to sleep on my chest.  When you went from fussy to smiley in a second.

I love you Michael.

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